Dealing with Tooth Emergencies through a Pediatric Dentist in Marietta

It is all but inevitable that your child will run into serious dental problems over the course of their daily activities, and will require immediate treatment. In her blog post dated May 7, 2014, Anna Nguyen states:

“With the arrival of warmer weather, kids are heading outside to neighborhood parks, sports fields, or simply their backyards to play. With the increase of outdoor activities comes the risk of minor injuries. In fact, about 50 percent of kids will experience some type of tooth injury during childhood.

Just as kids prep for their spring sports season, it’s good for parents to know what to do in case of dental-related accident.”

Parents in Marietta, GA, can understand the wisdom in Nguyen’s musings. The seat of Cobb County has a raft of outdoor activities, especially when you consider the city’s many parks along with youth sports leagues that constantly welcome fresh members. As such, you must enlist a reputable pediatric dentist from Marietta such as Herrin Pediatric Dentistry’s Dr. Brent Herrin for the right course of action.

Your pediatric dentist can guide you on emergency solutions to execute when your child is hit in the teeth during an outdoor activity. According to Nguyen, some parents tend to pick up a lost tooth and wash it off with soap and water. Instead, you must dip the tooth in a container filled with either milk or the child’s saliva then call the dentist for an emergency appointment; in many cases, the loose tooth can be reattached. However, you must take your child off the field for some time to heal.

If your child is engaged in ball-based sports such as basketball or baseball, there’s always a small chance that his front teeth will get jarred loose or cracked. Your preferred dental practitioner may still repair some of the damage given prompt notice. You should also ask them if some activities will require your child to wear a mouthguard.

It‘s never easy seeing your child hurt, be it in the teeth or otherwise, but you must not panic while rushing to their attention. You can trust caring practitioners like Dr. Herrin to ensure optimal dental health for your child.

(Source: Common childhood tooth injuries – Be prepared!,, May 7, 2014)

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