Time for First Visit?

When should I take my child to his or her first dental appointment? This is a common question that is asked by parents. Many people say not until age three or later, but the answer according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is by age one or six months after the eruption of the first tooth.

At first this may seem crazy to bring your child this early to the dentist. However, there are many reasons why this is a good idea.

You may be thinking there is no way that my kid will have a cavity at that early of an age and most likely are correct. Pediatric dentists want to see children well before cavities are formed. The earlier your child can become a patient the better. Our office will help answer questions and give oral hygiene instructions that may help prevent cavities. Research has proven that the earlier the visits, the lower the chances of dental decay.

In addition to the counseling with parents, we also will show how to properly brush and floss by cleaning your child’s teeth and applying a fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth and fight dental decay.

With early visits, your child hopefully will become more at home at the dentist office. If treatment is ever needed in the future, your child will already know our office and ideally feel more comfortable increasing the chances of a less stressful appointment for the patient and parent.

So if you are wondering should I make an appointment, please call our office. We would love to help care for your children. Please don’t fear how my child will behave. Our office is dedicated to solely treating children and looks forward to being your child’s dental home for years to come. 

As a special offer to encourage that first dental visit for your child. Our office is offering free exams to children under two years of age. If your child is two years or over, we offer new patient exams for $100. These new patient exams include necessary radiographs, cleaning, exam, and fluoride treatment.

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