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Children’s Emergency Dentist


What To Do If Your Child Experiences a Dental Emergency

First and foremost, try to stay calm: injuries to the mouth, face and teeth can happen frequently in children. Remaining calm and taking decisive action will help minimize the damaging effects of the injury, and lessen your child’s resulting discomfort.

Children Emergency Dentist

Make sure that your child did not suffer a head injury: If your child’s injury involved hitting their head and causing them to lose consciousness even for a brief moment, your child should see a physician immediately. The mouth and teeth should be addressed as a secondary concern.

Stop the bleeding: Try to stop any bleeding with a clean washcloth or sterile piece of gauze. As you do this, check for broken teeth and/or missing teeth. If there are missing teeth, try to locate them, and place them in a cup of milk, or if that is not available, you can use saliva or saline.

Call our Marietta Emergency Pediatric Dental office. (678.813.3202) Whenever possible, we offer same day service appointments for dental emergencies – for patients and non-patients – within our normal operating hours.

Some additional information on how to deal with your child’s dental emergencies:

Broken Tooth

Delicately clean or rinse dirt from the area around the break. Place a cold compress on the face in the area of the broken tooth to minimize lip or facial swelling. If the fracture is more than one-half of the tooth, see the dentist immediately.

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