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Silver Diamine Fluoride

Herrin Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry located in Marietta, GA

Silver diamine fluoride comfortably prevents cavities and stops them from spreading when they’re already there. At Herrin Pediatric Dentistry in Marietta, Georgia, Brent Herrin, DMD, carefully applies silver diamine to your child’s teeth affected by cavities, to prevent them from developing, spreading, and requiring fillings in the future. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online for your child at Herrin Pediatric Dentistry today.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Q&A

What is silver diamine fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride is a substance that combines the benefits of several individual substances in dentistry. The team at Herrin Pediatric Dentistry uses silver diamine fluoride to improve and maintain your child’s oral health. Its primary purpose is to prevent cavities from developing, getting larger, or spreading to other teeth. 

The substance is made from a combination of four ingredients:


The silver in silver diamine fluoride kills bacteria in and on your child’s teeth. 


Fluoride is a substance widely used in dentistry. It makes your child’s tooth enamel stronger and more bacteria-resistant. 


Ammonia binds the components of the solution together to maximize its effectiveness. 


Water is the liquid base for the silver diamine fluoride. 

What are the benefits of silver diamine fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride has a few specific notable benefits for your child’s teeth and oral health. All of these benefits work together to make your child’s teeth more resistant to cavities and the bacteria that causes them. 

The team at Herrin Pediatric Dentistry might recommend silver diamine fluoride treatments for your child in order to:

  • Stop cavities from spreading
  • Kill bacteria in cavities
  • Comfortably treat cavities without drilling
  • Prevent cavities

Usually, a child needs silver diamine fluoride treatments only once a year to effectively keep cavities under control. This treatment is generally more successful than fluoride varnish, the more traditional option. 

What should my child expect while getting silver diamine fluoride treatment?

The team at Herrin Pediatric Dentistry uses silver diamine fluoride in a liquid form. They apply the solution directly onto the surfaces of your child’s teeth after placing cotton or gauze around the teeth to keep them from getting wet with saliva. Using a vacuum tool, they remove all moisture from the surfaces of your child’s teeth before they apply the solution. 

The team usually only uses silver diamine fluoride on teeth that have cavities. However, the substance can also be effective solely for preventing cavities in the first place. They don’t need to place fillings in the cavities before applying the solution or treat them in any other way. 

The entire process of getting silver diamine fluoride is safe and painless. If you have concerns about your child’s ability to remain still and comfortable during the procedure, they may have the option for laughing gas as mild sedation. 

To schedule an appointment for your child and learn more about silver diamine fluoride, call Herrin Pediatric Dentistry or book online today.