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Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us?

What is the goal of our practice?

Our goal is to provide exceptional dental care in a caring and child-friendly environment to all children. We want your child to feel positive about his or her experience in our office every time he or she steps into our door! With this is mind, a variety of techniques are available to give your child the best chance for a pleasant dental experience.

In our office, it is truly our goal to help lay the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. It is my hope that through preventive measures, my patients will not experience dental cavities. Herrin Pediatric Dentistry stresses prevention and will work to provide your child with the skills and knowledge to prevent dental disease. If a cavity does occur, it is our goal to address what is causing the cavity and provide strategies to help prevent future cavities in addition to filling the tooth.

At Herrin Pediatric Dentistry, we hope that each and every child leaves with a smile and that we live up to our motto of “Small Mouths, Big Smiles” for all of our patients!

What is unique about our office?

    • Warm, welcoming staff with an office solely dedicated to treating children.
    • State of the art, sterilization center with water purification system. Every operatory and sterilization uses distilled water from this water purification system.
    • Extra-oral x-ray system for taking radiographs on posterior teeth. We are able to take radiographs on patients that previously couldn’t get radiographs because of having too small of a mouth and/or gag reflex. All radiographs are digital that helps keep radiation to a minimum.
    • Welcoming and inviting environment for patients and parents. Free wi-fi. Colorful salt water fish tank in the front lobby, featuring Nemo and Dory! Televisions that stream movies in the reception area and at every dental chair.
    • We will make sure that your child is seen that day for any dental trauma. If there is dental injury, a parent will be able to get in touch with me and be seen if needed even after hours.
    • Advanced technology and paperless office. Computers at every operatory.
    • We are an in-network provider for most PPO insurance plans. Will file all insurance for patients. Medicaid provider.
    • All white filling materials are BPA-free. No restorative materials contain mercury. We are happy to provide ingredient list of all dental materials used to anyone interested.
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