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Marietta Pediatric Dentist Takes Preventive Approach to Tooth Decay

Many households have switched to bottled water due to reports that tap water may contain harmful chemicals. However, some dental professionals point out that bottled water lacks fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Unfortunately, when faced with the choice between drinking tap water that may contain chlorine and bottled water that lacks fluoride, most parents would rather pick the latter. According to an article on Doctors Health Press:

“Those taking less of a hard line towards bottled water say that drinking it is fine but extra care needs to be taken with teeth. People who drink bottled water and lose out on fluoridation should avoid eating sticky, sugary treats. These foods will promote the growth of bacteria that triggers tooth decay. Daily brushing and flossing is a must.

Bottled water can also contain contaminants. Some brands of bottled water are better quality than others. Everyone’s heard the story about the bottled water that is nothing more than tap water.”

Some sources argue, however, that fluoridated water does not necessarily help reduce tooth decay. Apart from choosing drinking water sources of superior quality, therefore, families should also ensure that their kids get proper oral care. A reputable Marietta kids’ dentist such as Dr. Brent Herrin takes a preventive approach to tooth decay and cavities by conducting routine and restorative dental work in a fun, positive, and comfortable environment.

Meanwhile, those who have completely ruled out drinking water from the tap would do well to heed the advice of a trusted Mariette pediatric dentist as regards proper oral health practices for kids. These include proper brushing and flossing, less candy, and regular dental visits as soon as the first tooth appears.

(Source: This Innocent Drink is Causing Cavities, Worldwide, Doctors Health, 30 October, 2013)

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