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Why do I come twice a year?

Many people wonder why it is generally recommended to have their children’s teeth cleaned every six months. Research has shown that patients who have regular cleaning or less likely to need dental restorative work. Regular cleanings and exams allow the dentist to evaluate the teeth closely and treat any potential cavities early therefore reducing the time and cost for the patient. This is especially important in children. It oftentimes makes treatment easier for a child to cooperate if less extensive work is needed. Routine cleanings also help the child become more familiar with the dental office and more likely to be comfortable if treatment is ever needed. Six month check-ups also allow the dentist to evaluate more than just the presence of cavities. At every exam, we examine the soft tissues and gum and bone health of the teeth. Herrin Pediatric Dentistry will customize your child’s recall schedule. Some children may actually benefit from more frequent cleanings. An example is a patient with braces that may need extra help with cleaning around brackets. Call for your check-up today!!!

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